Brianna, Thaxton [& a few more well loved people]

March 5, 2018

She came into the studio absolutely glowing.  None of us feels our best 8 months pregnant.  Yet, just a few weeks before she would give birth she was radiant. Smiling ear to ear, joy bouncing out of her.  Brianna is unlike anyone I have ever met.  She is fierce and funny, brave and beautiful.  She lives with wild abandon and loves fully.  She loves life and her children without measure. The past few years have been rocky at best and yet, she always wears a smile.  She hits life’s curve balls out of the park and does it with joy. This is a new chapter….

Birth day.
Being a part of someones birth day does not fall short on me.  It always leaves me overwhelmed with beauty and gratitude to capture something so important.
Laightyn waited impatiently with excitement and curiosity for her new baby brother.  Once he arrived she watched through the window meticulously, every detail.  She asked questions and soaked it all in.  It was beautiful to watch.  She wanted someone to pick him up & comfort him as he cried.  When they pricked his foot she demanded to know why they were giving her brother a shot. “Why are they giving him a shot & making him cry again?!” She wanted to know.  My eyes fought tears as I felt the weight of just how  important & wonderful it was that I was there to capture these moments for Brianna, because she wasn’t there to witness it.  Having had a c-section she was being cared for by her doctor and we were getting to witness all these precious new baby moments.  I got to capture them for her to look back on and get the whole story.
Being in the room when she held her baby for the first time was no small thing.  What a joy filled moment. Capturing the skin to skin love, the forehead kisses, the first time breast feeding her new baby boy, the first moment a big sister and little brother met, all the grandparents ogling with joy over him, it was all just priceless.  Moments you can’t go back to, unless we capture them, allowing us a window to return.
Before the birth we all guessed the weight & length.  I said “Oh I hope he’s chunky!!” Ashley got her wish, Cam proclaimed! He’s a BIG Baby!! He was squish and absolutely perfect!
I loved the way Laightyn loved her mommy.  Even though there a new squishy baby to love right before her, she rubbed Brianna’s forehead, patted her, and hugged her repeatedly. She wrapped her tiny arms around her mothers neck and it was precious.
It was a beautiful day.
A week later they came to the studio for Thaxton’s newborn session.  He was a perfect chubby angel.  He snoozed through his session like a pro.  That is until his daddy’s excitement took over and he woke him up.  We were almost finished & even awake he was an angel.
It’s the beginning of a new chapter, one filled with joy.  I am feeling excited and blessed to capture it all.

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