Photographs that you can hold in your hands have been important to me as long as I can remember. As a child I spent countless hours looking through my grandmothers old photographs, my aunts, my mothers, I loved them all. I love the stories they tell & the memories they hold. I love the glimpse […]

Just wow. Gosh, you guys, I am so glad I decided to do Santa portraits this year. In 14 years of business I have never done Santa pictures. As a children’s photographer I don’t know why!?! By late October I had so many inquires about wether I was doing Santa sessions that I decided to […]

Two weeks ago I didn’t think this was a big deal. A week ago I became nervous & started taking precautions. In light of the current circumstances, far as my work goes, some things can wait & some things can’t. I am taking this seriously. Very seriously. Newborn appointments must be done within the first […]

Portraits are my favorite kind of wall art. I love seeing the people I love on the walls of my home. It makes my heart happy. I want my clients to have that same happy! I also love creating wall art for my clients. I can help you choose the right size portraits for the […]

A portrait is meant to be more than glanced at on a computer screen.  It’s meant to be held, touched, & loved.  It’s meant to be a keepsake passed down through generations as a window to the past.  It’s meant to be art. 5 short years ago burning pictures to a disk was the standard […]

She came into the studio absolutely glowing.  None of us feels our best 8 months pregnant.  Yet, just a few weeks before she would give birth she was radiant. Smiling ear to ear, joy bouncing out of her.  Brianna is unlike anyone I have ever met.  She is fierce and funny, brave and beautiful.  She […]

The Lord will work out the plans for my life.  Psalm 138:8. NLT This life throws us curveballs.  Things happen that are not part of our plans. Sometimes these curveballs end up being the best parts of our lives…. Especially babies.  Babies are the best surprise.  In the end HIS plans are better.  He is […]

The cutest little bear!!  I knew this was going to be a special year of portraits from the very first session.  He was perfect, we cuddled and snapped, and his mom and I discussed picture ideas for the year.  It was a perfect afternoon that turned into a beautiful year of portraits that reflect their […]

She’s one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen.  Her baby skin is flawlessly creamy and her eyes sparkle under long dark lashes. She is sweet and cautiously watchful.  She has already perfected the pouty lip and it’s precious.  She cried at least one big ugly cry at every single one of her baby’s […]

Sweet silly Eli.  I first met Eli and his lovely mom in the fall of 2011, shortly after he was adopted.  He had an unimaginably rough start in life and he was very shy and timid.  His luck had changed.  He was already so loved.  The adoption took time but the love was instant.  He […]