Eli | Fall 2017

November 4, 2017

Sweet silly Eli.  I first met Eli and his lovely mom in the fall of 2011, shortly after he was adopted.  He had an unimaginably rough start in life and he was very shy and timid.  His luck had changed.  He was already so loved.  The adoption took time but the love was instant.  He wouldn’t stay timid for very long!
Watching him grow over the last six years has been an incredible blessing to my life.  I’ve witnessed him come alive, become filled with joy, and discover his funny bone!
He is no longer a shy or timid little boy.  He comes to see me for portraits every fall.  His personality is big and this year he had lots of ideas for our session and thought it was best if he ran the show!  He grabbed my hand, held it, and pulled me all around the beautiful Harlinsdale Farm in Franklin, TN.
When he was adopted from China his parents Brought back a heap of Chinese pajamas for him in various sizes.  Each year we have captured him in his currently fitting fabulously colored pajamas and talked about his heritage.  This year was his last pair, the largest size his parents brought back from China.  It was a a little bittersweet to capture the last pair of pajamas.

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