Eliza | Newborn

June 29, 2017

I remember the day Kaite and Kenneth told me they were trying to get pregnant.  I squealed with excitement and promised to pray with them for a new addition to their family.  A few months later she emailed me to tell me their current secret news!  My eyes filled with joyful tears for them.  I knew this baby was an answered prayer and would be immensely loved.  And she is.
Hello Eliza.  We are so glad you are here.
She is beautiful and was perfect at her newborn shoot.  Ok, I think all babies are perfect.  Even when they pee on me, spit up on me, and require extra cuddles, they are still perfect.  It’s all part of this amazing job I have.  I get to capture these first precious details, so fresh from heaven.  I love the cuddles.  I love the patience and tenderness that go into a newborn session.  I love it all.  Ok, maybe I don’t love getting pooped on, but it’s worth it.  The final portraits are worth everything.
Eliza, I can’t wait to capture every glorious stage of your first year!

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