Knox | One Year

February 23, 2018

The Lord will work out the plans for my life.  Psalm 138:8. NLT
This life throws us curveballs.  Things happen that are not part of our plans. Sometimes these curveballs end up being the best parts of our lives…. Especially babies.  Babies are the best surprise.  In the end HIS plans are better.  He is never taken by surprise.
He was a curveball of the best kind.  A surprise blessing that is a constant source of overflowing joy.  Loved immensely he lights up a room.  His personality is far bigger than his little body and he is ALL boy.  He is busy, running wild, full force boy.  At his one year portrait session he didn’t much care for sitting or standing still…. But we got perfect pictures anyway!
I love the bond between he and his mom.  The pictures of the two of them together are my favorite pictures from this one year session.  She didn’t know she needed him, but she knows now.  Their love is beautiful.  I am thankful to witness it, and capture it, and be their storyteller.

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