Sawyer and Jonah

April 16, 2017

Brothers make the best friends and these two were the sweetest!  Jonah was so proud of his brand new live in best friend.  Sawyer was just a week old and snoozed through his newborn session like an angel. Even as Jonah played with his fingers and pulled his toes he snoozed as we snapped in that perfect newborn sleepy coma I love!
It’s so important to plan your newborn session before your baby is born.  Newborn sessions need to be done before your baby is 2 weeks old, while they are still in their sleepy state.  This is almost impossible if you don’t plan ahead.  I know this sounds crazy since we don’t typically know the exact date a baby will be born but it works! I will talk you through the whole process to make sure we get in that golden time frame!  Planning ahead = MAGIC. 
I have loved and captured this family for years.  I love watching them grow and celebrating with them! They have a lot of love.  The love Jonah already has for his baby brother melted my heart.  

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