The Power of Prints

March 26, 2018

A portrait is meant to be more than glanced at on a computer screen.  It’s meant to be held, touched, & loved.  It’s meant to be a keepsake passed down through generations as a window to the past.  It’s meant to be art.

5 short years ago burning pictures to a disk was the standard back-up technique.  Today most new computers do not have disk drives.  Apple has done away with them completely.  Personally my last two computers have not had a disk drive! Did you know that it has now been discovered that standard DVD’s begin to loose their ability to be read in just over 5 years?!!!? FIVE!!  Whatever the digital format of the present time, you can be assured it will go out-of-style and eventually become unaccessible. This will always be true.
I have been obsessed with photography since early childhood.  Around 8 years ago I found some disc film I shot as a child that had never been developed.  I sent it off to my pro-lab with tingles of excitement in my heart.  They contacted me to let me know that they no longer had the equipment to develop this type of film.  The best lab in the business could not develop my pictures.  My heart sank.  I tried lots of labs with no luck.  I now still possess these discs of film with wonder of what memories & pieces of my childhood may be held on them.  I will never know.  It plagues me.
Imagine today that your baby’s first year of pictures or your wedding day pictures or pictures from that amazing vacation in 1995 are all on a floppy disc.  How would you access them?  Of course digital photography didn’t even exist in 1995 but you get my point.  It’s a fast moving industry.
Soon there will be a generation of images that were stored on discs and are no longer easily accessible.  On the other hand if you made prints of these images as well, the changes in technology won’t have the same negative impact on you being able to access and enjoy your images.
A decade ago I began working in this industry as a full service photographer only selling wall art & finished portrait products.  When I have been blessed to visit these clients homes today their portraits are still adorning their walls.  Timeless and loved, they know exactly where their albums and portrait boxes are.  It always overwhelms me with a feeling of gratefulness.  Through my years in the business digital files became the demand and therefore I eventually began to sell digital files.  While I still believe there is good reason for digital files, almost every time I speak with a client who sole purchased digital files, almost every single time, they confess that their digital files are still on a disc or usb or computer somewhere because they simply “have not had time”.
You don’t have time.  That is the reality of life.  This is why you pay a full service professional photographer.  I feel very convicted & passionate about this.  My job as a professional photographer isn’t only to capture a milestone or a day but to preserve memories.  There is no greater impact than to print a moment in time.
I don’t know about you but I an very thankful my grandparents wedding pictures are not on a pre-floppy disc something.  I am thankful I can hold them in my hands. I am thankful that I got to sit at the kitchen table with my grandmother and pour over a lifetime of her portraits and let her tell me the stories.  These are some of my favorite memories with my granny and now that she is gone I am glad that I can still hold her albums in my hands, hug them tight and still feel a piece of her.  I want that for my grand children.  I want to curl up on the sofa with my grandchildren someday and flip through albums held in our hands.  I do not dream of swiping across a screen as I tell stories. Physical prints and heirloom albums give me more. We need to capture moments and preserve (print) them for today, for tomorrow, for our children, and for our children’s children! It’s important! Passing down a box of floppy discs, hard drives, or dvs’s just isn’t the same. There is powerful importance in printing your portraits.
Creating heirloom quality portraits and albums that will stand the test of time is a commitment I feel passionate about.  It’s what I specialize in & it’s what I believe in.   No matter who your professional photographer is, I want you to know the power of a print.

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